Press release 09.05.2017

Finnish quality and reliability

The traditional family company Tuotenauha Oy has this spring moved ownership to a new entrepreneurial couple. Founded in 1948, the Lahti based company is one of the largest manufacturers of textile patches and labels in the Nordics.

-We honour the valuable history of Tuotenauha Oy and we will continue the business in our successors foot steps. The near future of the company seems bright, deems the new owners of Tuotenauha, Timo Heikkinen and Erja Ylisirniö.
With nearly seven decades of activity, the Finnish family business’ large clientele includes major companies in the clothing, textile, shoe, bag and trade industry.

From labels to graphic design services

The Finnish company, which is one of the Nordics most significant actor in the field, has a versatile range of products.
-For our long-term customers we manufacture, among other things, precise product labels with statutory content descriptions. In addition to labels we manufacture for example stickers, textile ribbons as well as textile and leather patches, explains CEO Timo Heikkinen.
-Tuotenauha’s business also offers the graphic side of the product manufacturing, as well as marketing, import and export, says Erja Ylisirniö, Chairman of the Board.

To ensure a steady development process

The acquisition was finalized in April and the former CEO, Martti Kiiskilä, went on to spend his well deserved retirement. Instead his spouse, Marja Kiiskilä, will continue to work at the company for the time being.
-The acquisition will have no impact on the company’s existing customer relationships or current staff. The company employs seven professionals, all of whom are still in our service, says CEO Heikkinen.
-We plan on continuing to invest our knowledge in high quality and fast delivery times for our products, emphasizes sales and marketing director Ylisirniö.
In the near future the couple intends to focus on more visibility for the company’s quality products by using modern communication technology.

More information:
Timo Heikkinen
040 544 7120
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Erja Ylisirniö
040 7465 153
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