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Nyt myös VALMIITA TUOTTEITA HETI TOIMITUS osastolta. Tervetuloa ostoksille2
Nyt myös VALMIITA TUOTTEITA HETI TOIMITUS -osastolta. Tervetuloa ostoksille!(2)
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Brand labels, ribbons and tags with Finnish quality

Tuotenauha Oy is one of the largest manufacturers of brand labels, ribbons, tags, product descriptions, washing instruction and stickers in the Nordics.

Thank you, excellent quality and an extra thank you for the quick delivery!

Iida / Kanto Design Oy

I received linen ribbons in the mail that exceeded my expectations <3 🙂 🙂 The ribbon was very well-made and could withstand a 60 degrees wash without a problem, and the color didn’t come off even when I tried to scratch. 😀 Thank you for very professional work!


Thank you for the good service, everything has always run smoothly.
Nora / Pono Design

Thank you for the patches and the fast delivery! Wonderful patches, exactly what we wanted.
Tuula Väisänen, Tuulena

Thank you!!
Excellent service, the patches are already in Denmark.
Tony, Muotikuu

The product ribbons came in the mail. Stunning, great work.
Thanks a lot!
Anne-Mari Lampela

I want to thank you again for the Christmas stickers – They were so pretty!
Reeta, Artteli Shop Oy